About Beacon

Beacon was founded with the intention of leveraging technology against suicide. Our lives have become immersed within a virtual world, where we are represented by digital personas. Often, these digital personas, and the people behind them, can be the targets of unwarranted and unyielding cyberbullying. Social media has put countless teens at the mercy of cyberbullies, who can hide behind a 'mask' and spread hate without consequence. We have witnessed a direct correlation between social media use and teen suicide, highlighting the power of technology; but this technology can also be a tool, not only a weapon. Beacon hopes to intervene as efficiently and effectively as possible, to reach the greatest number of people fighting suicidality. 


We focus on immediate availability and immersion into our network of volunteers and licensed practitioners. Users are escalated to varying tiers of support, culminating in scheduling follow-up services, meeting virtually with a specialist or alerting EMS; depending on severity of suicidality.

Our simple intake survey provides an easy way for clients to be matched with the best-suited grief specialists and counselors to serve their specific needs. From there, if the client wants to pursue help in a professional setting, much of the initial intake work is done, and the incoming professional has access to communications between the client and Beacon specialists, as well as information regarding the client's risk factors and demographics.


Beacon seeks to provide a new avenue for everyone struggling with mental illness; it should be easy to reach out and get professional help. We share the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's goal of reducing suicide rates in the U.S. 20% by 2025